Best Men's Cologne

I used to sell perfume. Theres no such thing as "best" its like asking what the best shirt is or similar. Theres just fragances that suit you and ones that don't. best mens cologne a picture of the some of the best men's colognes My favorite is YSL L'Homme and I had to try around 40 before I decided on that one. Go to a perfume store with a friend and spray a bunch on those stick things, pick the one you think smells best and ask for a sample. Wear for a few days and see if it suits you. Some popular choices: Paco Rabane One Million: Lots of guys around 21 seem to love this, its a very sweet, "rich" smelling fragrance (hence the branding). Orange fruity and flowery, maybe a bit too sweet and candy-like for an older guy or somewhere other than a club though. Dior Suavage: Somehow manages to be both fresh and warm, initally sharp citrus but with a distinctive earthy pepperyness to it as it dies down. Can be worn pretty much anywhere. Extremely popular at the moment to the point where I'm sick of it though. Hugo Boss Bottled: I like this just because the apple and cinnamon makes you smell like a manly apple pie. Another fragrance thats well suited for all day wear. There's an intense version that ups the cinnamon for if you want to stand out. CK One: Citrus and Green tea. very, very fresh smelling, Its variation CK2 is somehow even fresher than that, like pavement after a rainfall. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male: Its got all kinds of shit going on in here, mint, lavender, vanilla. Worth trying. Issey Miyake l'eau d'issey: you'll either love how fuckin sharp and aggressive it is OR it will remind you of chemical cleaner. Roberto Cavalli Umo:All the ones I listed above I recommend because they're popular with young men, this is a recent one I personally like though. Smells like sticky honey, violets and dark berries.